The Grasshopper And The Ant English Story

The Grasshopper And The Ant

The Grasshopper, singing

All summer long,

Now found winter stinging,

And ceased in his song.

Not a morsel or crumb in his cupboard –

So he shivered, and ceased in his song.


Miss Ant was his neighbor;

To her he went:

“O, you’re rich from labor,

And I’ve not a cent.

Lend me food, and I vow I’ll return it,

Though at present I have not a cent.”


The Ant’s not a lender,

I must confess.

Her heart’s far from tender

To one in distress.

So she said: “Pray, how passed you the summer,

That in winter you come to distress?”


“I sang through the summer,”

Grasshopper said.

“But now I am glummer

Because I’ve no bread.”

“So you sang!” sneered the Ant. “That relieves me.

Now it’s winter – go dance for your bread!”